Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live for the sounds

Ever since the EP "Fresh pair of eyes" released in 2007 I've been waiting for another Brooke Waggoner release. The upcoming album named "Heal for the Honey" is coming out in a few days, and I am already hooked on the first song I've gotten my hands on called "live for the sounds". It's a lovely little melody that Brooke her self describes as a song filled with "string stabs, plural words, key changes, and romping drums - all tightly wound into a 2:30 package." I thought you should all have a listen.

Brooke Waggoner - Live for the sounds

You can download her old EP for free at her website; worth a listen.

Hush if you must if you must and addressed
And the power of your silence is the fear in compliance
Hush if you must if you must and addressed
And the power of your silence is the fear you'll come outloud
Loud, loud, oh

I finally get a freelance fee because I'm
Not very adequate
Not very merry
Oh, I try
Not very tempting and
Not very pretty
But I'll get by

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My mux tape

I've been publishing this everywhere, whoring it out to the world big time, but since it's very much music related, I am posting it here as well. Basically I put together a mux-tape of cover songs I sort of recently discovered. Most of them are quite mellow and whatnot, but there are some strange ones, especially the last one; a Japanese band covering the little mermaid song "Part of your world". Just another proof that the Japanese are in fact insane (and awesome). It's really easy to listen to this, just click the songs you want to listen to and it loads and plays in your browser.

1. Nothing compares to you - Dan Kelly
2. Young Americans - Danny Michel
3. Rainy days and Mondays - Cracker
4. Paint it black - Choro Azul
5. (What's so funny 'bout) peace, love and understanding? - Crosstide
6. Don't stop believing -Jon Regen
7. The only living boy in New York - Shawn Colvin
8. Head over heels - Samamidon
9. 1234 - Jack Peñate
10. Part of your world - SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH


Thursday, April 10, 2008


All of us Idiot Kids are going to see these bands this summer (& few more). Najs.
Song: True love will find you in the end
Artist: Beck

Song: Let's dance to Joy Division
Artist: The Wombats

Song: 99 problems
Artist: Jay-Z

Song: Bang bang (My baby shot me down) (Live)
Artist: The Raconteurs

Song: Marry song
Artist: Band of Horses

Song: Sorrow
Artist: Bad Religion

Song: In our bedroom after the war
Artist: Stars

Friday, March 21, 2008

Jackson Browne & the Idiot Kid Virgin.

V and K have been on me for ages to post something here. I am an Idiot Kid virgin. Finally, I'm granting their wishes. And luckily for them, and you, it's neither about Bon Jovi (although this post will come) or music which fits into the category of Musically Fast Food (easy in, easy out).

Artist: Jackson Browne Album: Solo Acoustic vol.2 Song: In the shape of a heart.

Every time when I'm visiting my hometown where my parents live, the past all comes rushing over me. To make a long story short I could say it’s a little turbulent. Anyway, I have only a few places where I can really breathe. One of these places is the coffee shop called No9. It's both a music shop and a coffee place run by a middle aged, but still very intriguing man, who's called Espen. He is a musician, and he has a lovely voice. Many of his friends, all of them musicians, eat their lunch at No9. Sometimes they stay for hours and hours. Sometimes they pop by just to throw a cup of coffee down their throat. But they have always time to talk about music and love and loss, and play different CDs really, really loud. I can sit for hours and hours pretending to read a paper or writing in my notebook, while all I really do is listening to them.

It's my second day in Arendal and I took mammas car to find myself a place to breathe. As I started to sip my hot coffee Espen put this record on and I loved it from the first tone/word/phrase. Jackson Browne, I really don't know that much about him, and I’m not sure I want to either. All I know is that he makes people breathe.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I should have noticed the beauty and not how it hurt,
wet like a cherry in a bloodbath
of birth.

Song: Birth
Artist: The Faint

Monday, February 11, 2008

Her horizon

I finished reading Tori Amos's autobiography today, Piece by piece (co-written with Ann Powers). Once again, my thanks to Melissa for giving me the book <3 Tori has been an important source of inspiration for me for about ten years now, and I find that I often turn to her when things feel confusing.

Song: Take to the sky (Russia)
Artist: Tori Amos

Friday, February 8, 2008

Vox humana

Jackie Leven. Everyone should listen to this guy. Honestly. An amazing voice, an incredible storyteller and poet - and an all-round fascinating and inspiring person. He has lived through a lot of things I don't envy him, but I'm inspired by his ability to turn those destructive things in something beautiful - his music. I've had the pleasure of seeing him live and he really does deserve the title of storyteller. People gather around the fire and he tells them stories about life, the universe and everything. Funny stories, heartbreaking stories, stories so crazy you know he couldn't have invented them. So do yourself a favour and check him out if you haven't already. The first three records of his that I fell in love with were Creatures of light and darkness, Forbidden songs of the dying west and Night lilies. I'm gonna post two songs from each of those records:

Song: The sexual loneliness of Jesus Christ
Song: Exit wound
Album: Creatures of light and darkness (2001)

Song: Some ancient misty morning
Song: Men in prison
Album: Forbidden songs of the dying west (1995)

Song: Universal blue
Song: Ireland for losers
Album: Night lilies (1999)

One day I will stand alone in the woods
and my hand will move to the scar
I will press and the trickle of pain
will tell me where you are
And of all the words I have heard
I know your calling is true
Everybody's got this colour in their life
it's called universal blue.

-Jackie Leven

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm a bad girl, now

Vivian's been absent, and I've been a bad care-taker for this little music blog. I feel bad about this, but hey, shit happens. Besides, I'm back in business, baby! Well, at least until Friday, because then I'm going to Oslo for ten days. But yes, shit happens.

I realized that we have about a million tags already, so I thought maybe I should make a post about an artist/band already featured, but it'll have to wait. I feel moody today, so you'll be getting a moody song. It's off a rather old (in the terms of blogging about it; it's actually not old in years at all) EP by Junip, the sort of amazing band led by José González, the Argentinean wunderkid from Sweden. It's a Bruce Springsteen cover, but it hits right home for me. I don't care if it's old, I'm still posting it!

So here goes, Swedish Junip with the Bruce Springsteen song "Ghost of Tom Joad".

Enjoy. (And if you do; two more songs are available for download at Junip's website.)

Who killed the lightswitch, dudes?

Aaand we're back!

Well well well, it's been a while! But I hope to get this place up and running again :) Hopefully Kari will have the time to post a few tracks and I think my friend Eva is also going to start contributing :D

So, I'll kick off the New Era with a song I kind of just discovered. My brother is always lending/giving me records and sometimes I click with it immediately, sometimes never, and sometimes after a long, long while. It's happened about a million times that he's played me something and I've thought "well ok" and not really felt anything about it either way and then days/months/years later have listened to the same song and thought "ooooooooh awesome". So it's probably quite a while since I first heard Wreckless Eric, but I haven't really caught on until recently. Oops. Still, better late than never! Here's a wonderful song that I'm loving today:

Song: Hit and Miss Judy
Artist: Wreckless Eric
Album: Greatest Stiffs (2001 compilation album)

I also want to post a couple of tracks from the album Mary is coming by Norwegian-American band Savoy. The single Velvet was very popular in Norway when it came out and probably the reason why I bought the album; I remember I actually taped that song off the radio before I bought the CD, which makes me feel old even if it was only back in 1996 (I was 11). I think it's one of my oldest CDs that I still love as much as I did back then. Here are a few of my favourite tracks:

Song: Velvet
Song: Underground
Song: Mary is coming
Artist: Savoy
Album: Mary is coming (1996)

Well, hopefully someone will enjoy these tracks, do leave a comment if you do :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ciao bella!

Right, I am moving halfway 'round the planet this weekend so I might not have much time for Idiot Kid during the next couple of weeks, but I trust Kari will post a little and then I'll be back with updates later!


Song: That's when I reach for my revolver
Artist: Graham Coxon
Comment: Mission of Burma cover, live from the Astoria, 25/10/2006.